The FM10 workshops are intended to be much more informal and interactive than the general presentations at the symposium. They are about sharing information and ideas!

Workshop 1: Interpreting and presenting phylogenetic trees

Chair: Toby Pennington, Subhani Ranasinghe, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

This workshop is aimed at early career researchers who want to learn a bit more about interpreting phylogenetic trees in publications. It will highlight some of the most common mistakes in interpreting relationships amongst taxa and what different measures of branch support mean. It will also cover ways and software with which researchers can present their own phylogenetic trees.

Workshop 2: Nomenclature Helpdesk

Chair: John McNeill, Chairman, Editorial Committee, International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants.

This workshop will provide an introduction to the history of the code and its evolution between botanical congresses. It will explain how the congress works with respect to nomenclature and then highlight some of the most important aspects of the code itself. It will then go on to highlight proposals submitted to amend the Melbourne code (2011) at the Shenzhen Congress in 2017. After the introduction a general discussion will take place then a nomenclatural helpdesk will be held to deal with specific questions. Arrive early to book a slot with the “King of Nomenclature”!

Workshop 3: Cultivation of tropical plants

Coordinator: Sadie Barber, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; Wisnu Handoyo Ardi, Kebun Raya, Bogor.

Aimed at horticulturists and scientists alike, this workshop is an introduction to techniques of propagating, cultivating and documenting living plant collections. There will be mini-workshops highlighting: field techniques; propagation of Begonias & Gesneriaceae; specialist propagation of ferns; care and cultivation of Zingiberaceae. There will also be opportunity to learn some origami at the ‘Botanical Envelopes Table’.

This 1 hour workshop will run twice, however numbers will be limited and booking early is advised.

Workshop 4: Implementing the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing in the UK

Coordinator: Katie Beckett, ABS Project Manager, Regulatory Delivery, The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK Government.

This workshop will provide an introduction to the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) and implementation of the EU Regulation on ABS in the UK. Participants will be introduced to the tools available to understand and address regulatory obligations, including the ABS Clearing House, and will receive an update on the provision of further guidance and support documents. Examples of relevance will be explored in an interactive session and there will be an opportunity for open discussion and to ask questions.

Workshop 5: Submitting Global Red List Assessments to IUCN Red List

Coordinator: Malin Rivers, Botanic Garden Conservation International, Sara Oldfield, IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group & Saw Leng Guan, Forest Research Institute Malaysia.

Assessing the conservation status of plant species is an essential component of biodiversity conservation action. It is a global priority to assess all plant species to the extent possible by 2020. This workshop will discuss the process of producing a global assessment using the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List categories and criteria, with a focus on tree species to facilitate progress with the Global Tree Assessment (a joint initiative developed by BGCI and the IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group). The workshop will highlight data requirements, including mapping standards, and common pitfalls in the red listing process. Participants will be expected to participate in review of proposed assessments and to enter new assessments into the IUCN Species Information Service (SIS) database. This workshop will be of interest to all researchers sharing botanical information in the service of conservation. It is particularly important for those who have produced provisional or national red list assessments for trees or any other plant species and who would like to learn more about submitting global assessments to IUCN.

If attendees would like to work on any specific taxa, then please send these names to [email protected] by 30 June, to ensure that these names can be entered into the SIS database in advance.

Workshop 6: Taxonomy Tricks of the Trade

Coordinator: David Middleton, Singapore Botanic Gardens; Robyn Drinkwater, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

This workshop is aimed at early career researchers who want to pick up tips on how to speed up and improve their taxonomic research and publications.  Some of the most useful on-line resources available will be discussed, the most important Malesian literature will be highlighted, and ideas on how best to present your data and what information to include will be explored. Good and bad practice in the drafting and submission of papers for publication will be discussed so that the review and publication process can be as smooth as possible.